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                                                      Zhanjiang Tianyi Logistics Co., Ltd. supplies special-line goods from Zhanjiang to Foshan, with more than two cars delivered and transported every day. Door-to-door service can be delivered to the following districts: Gaoming District, Shunde District, Nanhai District, Chancheng District. Zhanjiang-Foshan Special Line Freight is a logistics company with many years of operation experience and specialized in road transportation. The company is a group of dedicated and pragmatic employees with many years of work experience. The company vigorously promotes the enterprise spirit of "unity and hard work, self-pressurization, hard work and first-class". Guided by scientific management, it has gradually developed from a small enterprise to a medium-sized transportation enterprise with a certain scale. The logistics of Zhanjiang-Foshan special line has the network advantage of round-trip transportation, and is based on the development goal of "based on logistics, introducing internal and external services, and serving the society".

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